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Honor one another
Above yourselves.
Romans 12:9
Today is my Dad’s birthday.  The way he lives his life has been one of my greatest blessings.  Every morning, for the last forty years, my Dad has awoken early to spend time with the Lord.  I see the fruits of this consistent time in everything that he does.  With his recent health issues, I am even more aware of looking for ways to show him love and honor.  Because it reflects my Dad’s heart, I would like to share this sweet note my sister Margy wrote to him:
How blessed I am to have a father who has known and continues to know the secret of a beautiful life, and who will stay up late into the night (when he must arise early) to impart such secrets to his daughters.  For teaching me certain things which I am continuing to learn the truth of more and more, I thank you. 
You have taught me:
– that “being” is more important than “doing”
– that you understand the joys and the sorrows of my heart because they have been your own as well
– that we have a God that runs to meet us
– that life is a continual and mysterious gift.
Sara, Melissa, Margy, Elizabeth

Sara, Melissa, Margy, Elizabeth

Happy Birthday to our Daddy!
Today’s Challenge:
Think of ways to honor the people in your life.  Be creative!

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I want to know Christ…
Philippians 3:10
“How do you know Christ?”  While I was in college, I asked this question to Dianne Carroll and Louine Woodroof.  These two women passionately love the Lord and are a part of my heritage of faith.  Their response was that you get to know Christ the same way as any other person: by spending time together developing a relationship.

Since then, following their advice, I have pursued Jesus’ heart.  Recently, my family visited Northstar Church in Knoxville, Tennessee.  The Pastor, Scott Cagle, connected the verse “I want to know Christ” with the verses in Matthew 7:21-23.  Jesus says that He will tell many people, “I never knew you.”  I want to know Christ so He will say He knows me!  I want him to say, “I have found Sara Ross, a woman after My own heart; she will do everything I want her to do.”  (Based on Acts 13:22)  Someday, we will all see Jesus face to face.  What do you want Him to say about you?

Scott Cagle’s message: All authority 4/26/09

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You have given me the heritage
of those who fear your name. 
Psalm 61:5
On the occasion of my 40th birthday, I would like to honor my parents, Terry and Charlotte Smith.  I would like to thank them for giving me the heritage of those who love the Lord.

Here is the amazing thing: we can all have this heritage.  My Dad is living proof.  His early family life was chaotic, unstable, and fearful.  His parents divorced when he was 8, the children were parceled out among relatives, and he did not see his mother again until he was 26.  He decided that he was going to live differently than his parents and found my Mom, who had a wonderful faith foundation.  They both have daily sought God.  I am thankful for their love and commitment to the Lord and our family.

from my Dad’s journal
December 4, 1963 — his first date with my Mom
“I will never forget this night.  E.W. McMillan spoke to us at the College Church.  I don’t have words to say how wonderful it was.  Jesus has never been more real to me.  Christ was a real man!  He actually lived and died for mankind.  I have never felt so great a desire to follow him as I did tonight.  I pray that someday I will have the faith of this man, and be able to speak in such a way that Christ will be seen in me like I saw him in Brother McMillan tonight. 
Charlotte went with me.  I don’t know if she is the right one or not, but I see in her more than I have seen in any girl in my life.  She loves the Lord.  I can tell by looking into her eyes and listening to her talk.  She is going to help some man be a greater servant for Jesus.  My prayer is that she will find the one who will help her give her best for the Lord.  Kind of hope that someone is me.”
You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.  Jeremiah 29:13

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asking for you


The Teacher is here
 And he is asking for you.
John 11:28
Wherever you are, whatever you are doing
He is asking for you.
Asking for you to be with Him, to listen to Him. 
Asking for you to carve out time from your busy life
to give to Him as an love offering.
“You are not alone.”
for my Dad who found this verse
and for Sage who gave me a CD that made me cry

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