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every tear


For the Lamb …will lead them
To springs of water.
And God will wipe away
Every tear from their eyes.
Revelation 7:17


My Dad

I grew up hearing his stories
but not this story
of being forgotten
his mother left him many times
before the final leaving
she took her children to the movie theatre
(age seven, five and four)
leaving them there alone
choosing wine and party
they waited hours after the movie
for her to remember and return
a kind man had compassion
and waited with them
my heart travels to the past
and breaks
for the loneliness,
the pain,
the future abandonment
waiting around the corner
looking at them
I can see their future
I know the amazing things
they will accomplish
because they will be captured
by One who rescues hearts
For my parents:
Happy forty-fourth wedding anniversary!
God has used your marriage to flow
“springs of living water” into my life. 
With love, Sara

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Honor one another
Above yourselves.
Romans 12:9
Today is my Dad’s birthday.  The way he lives his life has been one of my greatest blessings.  Every morning, for the last forty years, my Dad has awoken early to spend time with the Lord.  I see the fruits of this consistent time in everything that he does.  With his recent health issues, I am even more aware of looking for ways to show him love and honor.  Because it reflects my Dad’s heart, I would like to share this sweet note my sister Margy wrote to him:
How blessed I am to have a father who has known and continues to know the secret of a beautiful life, and who will stay up late into the night (when he must arise early) to impart such secrets to his daughters.  For teaching me certain things which I am continuing to learn the truth of more and more, I thank you. 
You have taught me:
– that “being” is more important than “doing”
– that you understand the joys and the sorrows of my heart because they have been your own as well
– that we have a God that runs to meet us
– that life is a continual and mysterious gift.
Sara, Melissa, Margy, Elizabeth

Sara, Melissa, Margy, Elizabeth

Happy Birthday to our Daddy!
Today’s Challenge:
Think of ways to honor the people in your life.  Be creative!

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