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when you fast

“When you fast . . .” Jesus
Matthew 6:16
I think it is interesting that Jesus says “when you fast” — not “if you fast”.  It seems to me that fasting has become a optional spiritual discipline and not something that we are called to do.  One reason I think that this has happened is because we do not understand the “body’s participation in discipline, worship, grieving, and repenting” (McKnight). 
In Romans 12:1, we are urged to offer our bodies as living sacrifices, which becomes our spiritual act of worship.  There are many ways we can offer our bodies as sacrifices, but one way is through fasting.  The spiritual exercise of fasting presumes that we commune with God through our bodies ” (Hintz). 
Fasting gives us physical reminders that we receive our strength and nourishment from God.  In our self-indulgent world, fasting helps draw our attention away from ourselves and helps us focus on what is eternal.
Quotes are from the book : Fasting, McKnight and a book review by Marcy Hintz. 

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They were worshiping the Lord and fasting ….
Acts 13:2
In 2010, I started noticing examples in the Bible of people fasting as a community.  Up until this point, I had viewed fasting as a top-secret solitary activity, (Matthew 6:16-18) and it was something in which I had no personal experience.  During 2010, I had the opportunity to fast with some of my closest friends.  The encouragement and support of my friends while fasting was invaluable.  

I would like to invite you to find a group of friends to fast with or to join me in a fast as 2011 begins. 

“Fasting is cleansing. It cleans out our bodies.  It lays bare our souls.  It leads us into the arms of that One for whom we hunger.  In the Divine Arms we become less demanding and more like the one who holds us.  Then we experience new hungers.  We hunger and thirst for justice, for goodness and holiness.  We hunger for what is right.  We hunger to be saints.  Most of us are not nearly hungry enough for the things that really matter.”  Macrina Wiederkehr A Tree Full of Angels

For more information about the fast I will be doing see these links:

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