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A Time To
Ecclesiastes 3:4
When one is living with physical or emotional pain (or both), it is important to have many coping skills.  I look at these skills as tools that help me sculpt a meaningful life.  One of my best tools, which I use on a regular basis, is humor.
My children are an endless source of fun and laughter.  Since today is my forty-first birthday, and the past few posts have been so serious, I would like to share some funny things my sons Sterling and Preston have said. 
Sterling (age 3):  I don’t like it when you call me honey.
Sara:  What do you want me to say?
Sterling:  You can call me “hunk-of-burning-love” or “Sterling”.
Sterling:  Do I have to be handsome?
Sterling:  How does a baby get in a mommy’s belly?
Preston (age 5):  Nobody knows!
Sara:  Why did you put these stickers in my Bible? (4 large stickers)
Sterling:  I was decorating it; I thought you would like it.
My husband assured me I would think this was funny when we are old.
Preston:  It is hard for me to give my girlfriend things she likes.  She likes it when I give her money. 
Sara: Do you actually give her money?
Preston: Yes.
Sara: What is her name?
Preston:  I don’t know.
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