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Do everything without complaining.

Philippians 2:14
When you meet someone who has reasons to complain but they don’t, it is stunning and startling.  A few weeks ago, my friend Angela asked me to pray that God would send her some clothes because she had only one dress.  Angela is handicapped, and for physical reasons she can only wear dresses.  Well, I started praying and also asked friends to pray.  Yesterday, God provided Angela with not one, but sixteen beautiful dresses!  Some of my wonderful friends in Nashville, (after hearing about Angela’s needs and how she does not complain), worked together to collect dresses and shoes.  One of my friends also sent her $200 to cover additional needs.  I was amazed by the way they helped someone that they did not even know.
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After Angela saw the clothes, she exclaimed, “My Father knows me, and He loves me!  He knows what I like.  So many blue dresses…blue is my favorite color.  When giving gifts to our children we try to do things they like.  How much more does God try to give us what we like!  God pays attention to the details.”  Angela radiates joy and love, even though the circumstances of her life are extremely difficult. 
Sometimes when we “rescue the weak and needy,” they rescue us.  May Angela’s story rescue us from the habit of complaining when things don’t go our way.
(Angela tells the story about “The Dress”, in the comment section.)

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shine like stars

You shine like stars in the universe…
Philippians 2:14
In 1997 I listened to Philippians many times and I wrote these verses in my journal.  I entitled it “Life Guidelines That Lead to Soaring.”  Recently, I read “Twittering God’s Story” on The Cruciform Life blog and I remembered what I wrote.  As “twittering” is a current trend, I thought it would be fun to write “Twittering Philippians!”  Please view this not as a legalistic list but as little love notes about how to live for our Lord.
Twittering Philippians
pray with joy 1:4

be pure 1:10
don’t have selfish ambition 2:3
don’t complain 2:14
don’t argue 2:14
be glad and rejoice 2:18
look out for the Lord’s interests 2:21
watch out for evil people 3:2
don’t dwell on the past 3:13
strain towards what is ahead 3:13
remember our citizenship is in heaven 3:20
rejoice in the Lord 4:4
be gentle 4:5
remember the Lord is near 4:5
don’t be anxious 4:6
pray about everything 4:6
pray with thanksgiving 4:6
think about wonderful things 4:8
be content 4:11
remember that God will meet all of our needs 4:19
How to do this
God will finish what He started in us 1.6
God works in us for His good purpose 2:13
we can do everything through Him who gives us strength 4:13
The result
the gospel will be advanced 1:12
we will shine like stars in the universe 2:14
For Margaret Blue, who read this list many years ago and encouraged me
share in God’s grace 1:7 


Due to word processing circumstances beyond my control I have been having spacing problems with this post.  I am giving up being a perfectionist and posting this anyway…..But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

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