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I want to know Christ…
Philippians 3:10
“How do you know Christ?”  While I was in college, I asked this question to Dianne Carroll and Louine Woodroof.  These two women passionately love the Lord and are a part of my heritage of faith.  Their response was that you get to know Christ the same way as any other person: by spending time together developing a relationship.

Since then, following their advice, I have pursued Jesus’ heart.  Recently, my family visited Northstar Church in Knoxville, Tennessee.  The Pastor, Scott Cagle, connected the verse “I want to know Christ” with the verses in Matthew 7:21-23.  Jesus says that He will tell many people, “I never knew you.”  I want to know Christ so He will say He knows me!  I want him to say, “I have found Sara Ross, a woman after My own heart; she will do everything I want her to do.”  (Based on Acts 13:22)  Someday, we will all see Jesus face to face.  What do you want Him to say about you?

Scott Cagle’s message: All authority 4/26/09

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