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Jesus turned and saw her.
Matthew 9:22


Seeing how Jesus turned and not only saw the people in his path, but also responded to their needs, inspires me to do the same.  It is so easy to focus on my own life and the plans I have made.  My heart’s desire, however, is to steep my life in God-reality and God-initiative and to give my entire attention to what God is doing (based on Matthew 6, The Message).

I can remember a time when I saw a woman who needed help, but I didn’t stop to help her.  She was standing on a corner by a broken-down car and I was at a stoplight.  I could tell she needed help, but I didn’t want to become involved in her problems.  I had a really “good” reason for not having time for her, so I drove away.  I know I could not have rescued her, but I could have offered her a “cup of cold water” (Matthew 10:42).   

A continual challenge is to turn and see the people that God puts in our path, and willingly give them whatever we have to offer.

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Find out what pleases the Lord.
Ephesians 5:10
“Find out what pleases the Lord.”  In the letter of Ephesians, Paul encourages us to search and find out what God likes!  It is as if he is saying, “Search and find out for yourselves…I am not going to tell you everything.”
God wants you to pursue Him — to be interested in finding out His passions and desires.  In 2000, I wrote Ephesians 5:10 in my journal and this list of verses which have a recurring theme showing one of the Lord’s passions.  Click on the links below to read them.  You are invited to share your discoveries of what pleases God, whether from these verses or others.
Psalm 41:1-3     
Psalm 82:3-4     
Psalm 113:7      
Psalm 140:12     
Psalm 146:7      
Ezekiel 16:49     
James 1:27             
So we make it our goal to please Him. 
2 Corinthians 5:9

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Rescue the weak and needy.
Psalm 82:4
I have been reading about Anne Jackson, who is currently in India, on a mission to rescue the weak and needy.  On her blog, she tells this story about how God broke her heart to help children have hope.

From Flowerdust.net

Her name is Anne.

In early 2008, she had it all. An amazing job working alongside two of the most respected and innovative pastors in the American church. She had a good salary, a cushy downtown apartment with red walls and hardwood floors. She had just purchased her adulthood dream car.

And sure, she was generous — at least in her own American way. She tithed to her church, gave above and beyond for new projects, and sponsored a Compassion child in Ethiopia. (The one who bought a sheep with the EXTRA money she and The Hubs sent).

Then in February, she touched poverty on a trip to Africa. She smelled it. For a week, no matter where she turned, it was there.

They had eyes of hope, but skin and bones for flesh.

They had dreams, but no clean water.

They were covered in potential, but they had no clean clothes.

And on this trip, something inside her broke. Sixteen months later, it’s never been fixed.

You may never touch the rough hand of a young, hungry child.

Or see a two week old dying in a crib in an orphanage in Kolkata.But it is my prayer for you that something will break.

You may never smell what raw sewer and smoke and smog smell like on a hellishly hot and humid day.

But it is my prayer for you that something will break.

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Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Psalm 82:3

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