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  Blessed are those who are generous…
 Proverbs 22:9  
Question of the day:
Why does it please God when we “do good” and “share with others”?
Doing good + sharing = person feels loved
While thinking about this question, I realized how many people in the past two months have been good to me and shared with me.  I feel very loved and would like to say thank you…
– to my Aunt Carol and Uncle Bob, for sharing their lake house
– to the person who hid $100 in my purse
– to Angela, for helping me fold clothes
– to Steena and Missy G., for editing
– to Renni, for listening and sharing her wisdom
– to my husband, for regularly taking our three children to the grocery store
– to my parents, for a gift card for my anniversary
– to Stacy W., for paying for a babysitter for my anniversary date
– to Melissa, for her kindness to my children
– to D.J., for sending Aubrey Anne to tennis camp
– to Christine, for sharing her pool
– to Stacy J., for also sharing her pool
– to Mrs. Alice, for sharing her beautiful garden
– to my sister, for sending two of my kids to a day camp at Owl Hill’s Nature Sanctuary
– to my parents, for feeding my children breakfast every day while we were in Nashville (and all the other things they did to help me)
– to Andrea, for giving me the book “The House that Cleans Itself”
– to Missy and Leslie S., for giving me time and advice
– to Leslie C., for sharing her heart
– to the Osmans, for sharing their spacious place
– to the Lord, for all of my family and friends  
my son Preston

my son Preston


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