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shine like stars

You shine like stars in the universe…
Philippians 2:14
In 1997 I listened to Philippians many times and I wrote these verses in my journal.  I entitled it “Life Guidelines That Lead to Soaring.”  Recently, I read “Twittering God’s Story” on The Cruciform Life blog and I remembered what I wrote.  As “twittering” is a current trend, I thought it would be fun to write “Twittering Philippians!”  Please view this not as a legalistic list but as little love notes about how to live for our Lord.
Twittering Philippians
pray with joy 1:4

be pure 1:10
don’t have selfish ambition 2:3
don’t complain 2:14
don’t argue 2:14
be glad and rejoice 2:18
look out for the Lord’s interests 2:21
watch out for evil people 3:2
don’t dwell on the past 3:13
strain towards what is ahead 3:13
remember our citizenship is in heaven 3:20
rejoice in the Lord 4:4
be gentle 4:5
remember the Lord is near 4:5
don’t be anxious 4:6
pray about everything 4:6
pray with thanksgiving 4:6
think about wonderful things 4:8
be content 4:11
remember that God will meet all of our needs 4:19
How to do this
God will finish what He started in us 1.6
God works in us for His good purpose 2:13
we can do everything through Him who gives us strength 4:13
The result
the gospel will be advanced 1:12
we will shine like stars in the universe 2:14
For Margaret Blue, who read this list many years ago and encouraged me
share in God’s grace 1:7 


Due to word processing circumstances beyond my control I have been having spacing problems with this post.  I am giving up being a perfectionist and posting this anyway…..But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

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