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My times are in your hands.
Psalm 31:15


What is it that you want the most right now?  When you want something so much it makes your heart ache, it is hard to be patient and trust God with the timing.  It is even harder to surrender it completely into God’s hands. 

More than anything, Jesus’ disciples wanted Him to “restore the kingdom to Israel”  (Acts 1:6).  Israel, at this time, had been conquered by the Romans, and the Jewish people longed for freedom.  During the disciples’ last days together with Jesus, they thought that surely now, after they had waited so long, Jesus would finally do what THEY wanted Him to do.  They thought the timing was perfect for Him to be King. 

Jesus told them, “You do not get to know the time.  Timing is the Father’s business.  What you’ll get is the Holy Spirit.  And when the Holy Spirit comes on you, you will be my witnesses … to the ends of the world” (Acts 1:7-8 The Message). 

Jesus was essentially saying, “You do not need to be worried about when you will receive what you want.  You need to be concerned about what I need you to do.”  It was not that He did not care about the disciples’ desires; He wanted them to change their focus.  Likewise, we are Jesus’ disciples today, and He has plans and goals for each one of us.  He wants us to trust He will fulfill His plans for our lives HIS time.

My friend Dianne asked me, “What are God’s goals for you for 2010?”  I would like to ask you the same question.  Please pray about this and take time to listen for God’s answers. 

“Wait for God’s timing ….”  Oswald Chambers

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